Rainy Days = Perfect Movie Weather

Grab an umbrella, don your galoshes, and pack a poncho—this weekend’s forecast calls for rain. While we can guarantee the movies at #HIFF27 will not disappoint, the weather is a different story. The perfect setting for marathon movie-watching, rainy days can also make waiting in line unpleasant, and we want you—our intrepid audience—to be prepared. […]

See it First in the Hamptons: World Premieres at HIFF27

There’s nothing quite like the very first public screening of a film… the anticipation of sitting in a darkened theater, being part of the first audience ever to have that particular shared experience. That will happen with seven features at this year’s festival, and we invite you to experience these World Premieres with the filmmakers, […]

Nothing is Ever ‘Sold Out’! Get to Know the Rush Line Policy…

When you’re browsing the HIFF27 Film Guide, don’t be discouraged if you see the words RUSH ONLY—there’s still hope! Rush Sales Some of the films screening at HIFF27 are going to be more in demand than others; that’s just the way it is. But remember: just because advance tickets are no longer available for a […]