Archive: Honorees

In the years since its inception, HamptonsFilm has developed a time-honored tradition of honoring professionals in the entertainment industry, including filmmakers, actors, and industry insiders.

2019     Brian De Palma, Lifetime Achievement Award
2019     Toni Ross, Dick Cavett Artistic Champion Award
2018     Alan Alda, Dick Cavett Artistic Champion Award
2017     Julie Andrews, Lifetime Achievement
2017     Dick Cavett, Dick Cavett Artistic Champion Award
2017     Patrick Stewart, Variety Creative Impact in Acting
2016     Edward Norton, Career Achievement
2016     Aaron Eckhart, Variety Creative Impact in Acting
2015     Emily Blunt, Variety Creative Impact in Acting
2015     Albert Maysles, Posthumous Tribute
2015     Killer Films, Industry Honor
2015     Stuart Match Suna, For His 18 Years as Board Chairman
2014     Joel Schumacher, Lifetime Achievement in Directing
2014     Hilary Swank, Variety Creative Impact in Acting
2013     Working Title Films: Eric Fellner & Tim Bevan, Lifetime Achievement
2013     Bob Balaban, Lifetime Achievement
2012     James Schamus, Industry Toast
2012     A Tribute to Ann Roth
2010     Stanley Tucci, Outstanding Achievement in Acting
2010     Ben Barenholtz, Industry Toast
2010     Alec Baldwin, Lifetime Achievement
2010     Richard Gere, Lifetime Achievement
2008    Wouter Barendrecht, Industry Toast
2007     Vanessa Redgrave, Lifetime Achievement
2006     Robert Altman, Lifetime Achievement
2006     Ellen Burstyn, Lifetime Achievement
2006     Ted Hope, Industry Toast
2005     Bob Berney, Industry Toast
2004     Marcie Bloom, Industry Toast
2004     Gena Rowlands, Lifetime Achievement
2004     Anthony LaPaglia, Lifetime Achievement
2003     Joan Allen, Lifetime Achievement
2002     James Coburn, Lifetime Achievement
1999      Jeanne Moreau, Lifetime Achievement
1999      Barry Sonnenfeld, Lifetime Achievement
1998      Blake Edwards, Lifetime Achievement
1997      Lee Grant, Lifetime Achievement
1996     Alan J. Pakula, Lifetime Achievement
1995     John Schlesinger, Lifetime Achievement
1994     Robert Benton, Lifetime Achievement
1993     Irene Papas, Lifetime Achievement