Compassion, Justice & Animal Rights

In the 21st century, billions of animals continue to be exploited for our food, clothing, labor, research and entertainment. They are denied their basic right to life and fundamental protections against violence and cruelty.

Created in 2012, Compassion, Justice & Animal Rights is a HamptonsFilm Signature Program that explores this important movement on film. Bringing together animal advocacy, environmental and social justice issues, our Animal Rights program provides a platform for filmmakers to share meaningful information, stories of inspiration, and tools for creating a safe and humane world for animals.

These films seek to arouse in the consciousness of our audiences respect for the dignity and rights of all living beings and to encourage dialogue about how we treat and view animals as a community.

The HamptonsFilm Animal Rights program consists of a small collection of films within the theme screened at the Festival each fall. Every year, the winner of the Compassion, Justice & Animal Rights program receives the Zelda Penzel “Giving Voice to the Voiceless” Award, accompanied by a cash prize. Raising public awareness about the moral and ethical treatment and the rights of animals, as well as environmental protection, the winning film inspires compassion and compels social change. Given by Zelda Penzel, long time educator, advocate for animal rights, and a volunteer at HIFF since its inception.

Support Compassion, Justice and Animal Rights

How can you help? HamptonsFilm welcomes donors at various levels to support this new film movement and continue to shed light on and showcase stories that embody this crucial issue of our time. To donate, please contact Amy Levin at

HamptonsFilm is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. To make a donation and support HamptonsFilm’s Animal Rights program, please contact Amy Levin at