Sloan Foundation Programs

Alfred-P-Sloan-150The Hamptons International Film Festival was the first film festival to partner with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation on a number of initiatives, including support for films and screenplays that feature a realistic and compelling portrayal of science and technology. 


The Hamptons/Sloan Feature Film Prize, an annual cash prize for a film that features a realistic and compelling portrayal of science and technology, was awarded out of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s program in public understanding of science. This award was part of a broader effort to stimulate leading artists in film, television, and theater in creating more credible works about science and technology.

Over the course of our formidable partnership, we honored a long list of impressive films.

2014: The Imitation Game, directed by Morten Tyldum
2013: Decoding Annie Parker, directed by Steven Bernstein
2012: Future Weather, directed by Jenny Deller
2011: Small, Beautifully Moving Parts, directed by Annie Howell and Lisa Robinson
2010: Beneath Hill 60, directed by Jeremy Sim
2009: Agora, directed by Alejandro Amenábar
2008: Flash of Genius, directed by Marc Abraham
2007: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, directed by Julian Schnabel
2006: The Fountain, directed by Darren Aronofsky
2005: Kardia, directed by Su Rynard
2004: Madness and Genius, directed by Ryan Eslinger
2003: Kinsey, directed by Bill Condon
2002: Teknolust, directed by Lynn Hershman
2001: Enigma, directed by Michael Apted
2000: Songcatcher, directed by Maggie Greenwald

At the annual HIFF Screenwriters Lab in April, several participating scripts were selected that explore science and technology in fresh and innovative ways. Through HIFF 2015, the screenplays are then read at the annual Sloan Screenplay Readings during the Festival in October. Guest actors attended the Festival to participate in the reading, with a notable filmmaker directing.