Rainy Days = Perfect Movie Weather

Grab an umbrella, don your galoshes, and pack a poncho—this weekend’s forecast calls for rain.

While we can guarantee the movies at #HIFF27 will not disappoint, the weather is a different story. The perfect setting for marathon movie-watching, rainy days can also make waiting in line unpleasant, and we want you—our intrepid audience—to be prepared.

We will do our absolute best to load the theaters as quickly as possible this weekend, but there is no way around a little line-waiting—you will be outside, and it very well might rain. Make sure to bring an umbrella, wear a raincoat/hat/rain boots, and please be patient with our staff (many of them will be right outside with you!).

We can get through this together, without melting, if we remember to keep smiles on our faces.

(And if you have any pull with the weather gods, now is the time to do your anti-rain dance.)

Thanks so much, and we will see you at the movies… come rain or come shine!