Friday Flashback: ‘KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON’

“The kind of film that should push those who have achieved master status to pass it on to another generation, and encourage those in need of guidance to find the men or women they want to be and ask them how they got there.” —

In July of 2014, first-time director Alan Hicks made his first trip to the Hamptons to discuss his new film KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON—about legendary trumpeter Clark Terry—in our SummerDocs series. Chronicling the later stages of Terry’s life, and his friendship with a blind high school pianist (Justin Kauflin), the film’s message of perseverance against great odds is a welcome story to see these days.

You can watch KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON, which was shortlisted by the Oscars® in 2015, for free with ads on Vudu, and without ads as a rental on major platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

Following our SummerDocs screening at Guild Hall—our SummerDocs partner—HamptonsFilm’s Alec Baldwin and David Nugent spoke with Al Hicks.

Enjoy the film and the conversation, and join us next Friday for another Friday Flashback movie + conversation… 

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  1. Amazing interview with young documentary filmmaker….will be sharing with an interested 15 year old grandson.