Sunday Shimmers with Albert Maysles & Iris, Happy Valley, Red Army and So Much More…

We’ve got two full days of movies left, so let’s make the most of it!


Q&A: Seminal Documentarian Albert Maysles on Fashion Maven ‘Iris’ Apfel
The great Albert Maysles, who made the iconic documentary Grey Gardens, returns to the Hamptons with his latest film Iris. Maysles follows Iris Apfel, now 93 years old, as she makes selections for her touring exhibition, advises young women on fashion, and bargains with store owners, usually in the company of her husband of 66 years, Carl, now 100.
Tonight (Sunday) | 8:15 pm | Southampton (note location!) | Tickets
Tomorrow (Monday) | 4:45 pm | Tickets


Q&A: Gabe Polsky on the Soviet Hockey Legends of ‘Red Army’
In an exhilarating story played out on Olympic ice, Red Army chronicles the rise and fall of the Red Army Hockey Team, the Soviet Union’s most powerful sports dynasty. Polsky skillfully balances the personal and political drama behind one of hockey’s greatest stories.
Today | 2:45 pm | Guild Hall | Tickets
Monday | 4:30 pm | Tickets

This-is-My-Land-700This is My Land
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela. Tamara Erde’s first feature-length film examines how the shared, complex, and charged history of Israel and Palestine is taught to the next generation in this volatile region. Does it fuel conflict or encourage peace? How much freedom does the Ministry of Education give teachers? Through dialogues, debates, and field trips at six independent schools, this fascinating documentary observes how young minds are shaped by what is said and what is unspoken.
This is My Land is in the Golden Starfish Documentary competition, and also screens as part of Films of Conflict & Resolution program. 
Today (Sunday) | 11:00 am | Tickets

Happy-Valley-650Q&A: Amir Bar-Lev on the Complicated Shame of ‘Happy Valley
Happy Valley centers on the people of State College, Pennsylvania, and its conflicted reactions to the Penn State football scandal in the months following Jerry Sandusky’s arrest for child molestation. With interviews with those directly involved and die-hard fans alike, documentarian Amir Bar-Lev (The Tillman Story) captures the college town as it struggles to define itself in the wake of Sandusky’s crimes and the negligence allegations leveled against coach Joe Paterno, his staff, the college’s administration, and (according to some in the media) the town itself.
Today (Sunday) | 3:45 pm | Tickets
Tomorrow (Monday) | 5:00 pm | Tickets

Runoff-650Q&A: Kimberly Levin on Her Farmland Thriller ‘Runoff’
The beauty of the land cannot mask the brutality of a farm town. As harvest draws near, determined matriarch Betty (Joanne Kelly) confronts a few harsh realities: a failing business, her husband’s deteriorating health, and a family home on the brink of foreclosure. When presented with an illegal but well-compensated job offer (already turned down by her husband), Betty meets the challenge head-on. In Runoff, first-time writer/director Kimberly Levin follows Betty’s perseverance with astonishing narrative economy and bristling tension, anchored by Kelly’s indomitable central turn.
Today (Sunday) | 5:45 pm | Tickets

Rowdy-Talk-3Rowdy Talks: Meet the Competition, Golden Starfish Awards
10am | Rowdy Hall | Free
Jaap van Hoewijk (KILLING TIME)
Kazik Radwanski (CUTAWAY)

Rowdy Talks: Join us for food, fun, and casual conversation in East Hampton’s Rowdy Hall, located at 10 Main Street. Admission is free, and seating is limited. Doors open at 9:30AM; conversations begin promptly at 10AM.

Salt of the Earth 460The Salt of the Earth | 12 noon | Tickets
Widely recognized as one of photography’s great artists, Sebastião Salgado has captured humanity through major events, conflicts, starvation, and exodus for over 40 years. With an empathetic eye, his black-and-white photographs give his subjects dignity and respect. Now, joined by his son Julian and filmmaker Wim Wenders, Salgado embarks on an epic journey to capture the planet’s natural beauty. As an intimate look at the man behind the photographs, The Salt of the Earth is gorgeous and thought-provoking visual odyssey unlike any other.

Young-Ones-650Young Ones | 12:45 pm | Tickets
Director: Jake Paltrow
Cast: Michael Shannon, Elle Fanning, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Nicholas Hoult
In the near future, water becomes a scarce resource where once prosperous land withers into dust. The survivors carve out the best existence they can. Tempers burn, houses fall, industry pushes forward and the old must make way for the young. Jake Paltrow’s sophomore effort charges old Greek tragedy tropes with a distinctive neo-Western style that reinvigorates the genre and grounds itself with a set of remarkable performances. Young Ones effectively transforms the futuristic American West back into that brutal, classic frontier where anything was possible, and everything was dangerous.

Great Invisible460

The Great Invisible | 2:00 pm | Tickets
Director: Margaret Brown
The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on April 20, 2010, devastating communities throughout the Gulf Coast of the United States. Eleven lives were lost, the natural ecosystem destroyed, and the pollution forced countless local businesses to shut down. Margaret Brown’s The Great Invisible, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW, is a thought-provoking and complex human drama that lifts the curtain on a corrupt and negligent industry driven by greed. With harrowing testimonies from survivors, families, local fishermen, and others perpetually affected by the disaster, Brown seeks to tell a sobering and layered account of a tragedy still unfolding.

Last-Impresario-3-650The Last Impresario | 7:15 pm | Tickets
Michael White helped influence the cultural scene of the 1970s with everything from theater, film, dance, fashion, and beauty—but you’ve probably never heard of him. In this personal documentary, Gracie Otto celebrates the living legend that produced over 200 shows and movies, nurtured countless careers, and brought productions such Oh! Calcutta!, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Monty Python’s The Holy Grail to the world. With interviews from over 50 of his closest (celebrity) friends, The Last Impresario is a worthy tribute to a man who had it all, lost everything, and is still the life of the party.

Breathe-650Breathe (Respire) | 8:30 pm | Tickets
Famed actress Mélanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds, Enemy) steps behind the camera for Breathe, an assured and refined look at fragile adolescent friendships. Entering the private world of Charlie and Sara, whose raw attraction quickly makes them inseparable, we see tenderness turn sour as Sarah shifts her attention to a young pilot, leaving Charlie heartbroken. Superbly acted by Josephine Japy and Lou De Laage, Breathe is an honest look at young friendships, where passion can easily turn into obsession, and where the harsh reality of trying to find one’s voice can leave one devastated.

Rush Line Options

Though advance tickets are no longer available for the following films and events, you are welcome to try the Rush Lines. (While a viable option in many cases, please be advised this is a gamble! Seats not guaranteed.)

KAITLYN-DEVER Meet the Actors:
Variety’s 10 Actors to Watch

10:00 am | Presbyterian Church
MarkRuffalo A Conversation With… Mark Ruffalo
12:00 pm | Bay Street Theatre
E-Team 700 E-Team
1:00 pm | Regal East Hampton UA
Winner of the 2014 Brizzolara Family Foundation Award,
Films of Conflict & Resolution
followed by panel discussion
HilarySwankConversation_Hero A Conversation With Hilary Swank
3:00 pm | Bay Street Theatre
Homesman-700 Centerpiece Sunday: The Homesman
6:00 pm | Guild Hall

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