Now Showing: ‘ASSASSINS’ with Alec Baldwin in Q&A

HamptonsFilm is pleased to continue to curate the hit screening series NOW SHOWING, featuring acclaimed first-run, art house, independent, and world cinema available to screen in the privacy of your own home.

In July, Alec Baldwin and David Nugent hosted a SummerDocs screening of the thrilling documentary ASSASSINS at our Drive-in. We’re delighted to offer the film now via Virtual Cinema. “As you watch the movie, I promise that there are moments when your jaw will drop.” — Variety

After the film, HamptonsFilm members are invited to watch (or re-watch!) the virtual Q&A, in which Baldwin and Nugent welcomed director Ryan White for a fascinating discussion about the making of this unique film. Not a member? Join today!


Directed by Ryan White
(2020, USA
, 104 minutes)

“It’s a Kafka-esque and sometimes darkly comic tale of deception and exploitation that makes for a smartly assembled and eminently topical film that arrives at a crucial juncture in world affairs…” — The Hollywood Reporter

The audacious murder of the brother of North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jon Un in a crowded Malaysian airport sparked a worldwide media frenzy. At the center of the investigation are two young women who are either cold-blooded killers or unwitting pawns in a political assassination.

The latest film from director Ryan White travels from the sanctums of Pyongyang to the rice fields of Indonesia and Vietnam to the courtrooms of Kuala Lumpur to tell an extraordinary tale of manipulation and subterfuge in the age of social media, going beyond the headlines to question every angle of this case, from human trafficking to geo-political espionage to the secretive dynamics of the North Korean dynasty.

A masterful investigation that offers an unprecedented look at the real story of Kim Jong-nam’s murder, ASSASSINS is the wildly improbable tale of a calculating dictator, a nefarious plot, a very public murder, and two women fighting for their lives.

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