First Dibs Instructions

Instructions for Fulfilling Your First Dibs Package

Go to

  1. Click on the first film you are interested in.
  2. Click the LOGIN button at the top right underneath the film image.
  3. Log in with your Elevent username (your email address) and password. (Reset or recover your password if necessary.)
  4. Browse the Film Guide to find a film you want to reserve tickets for.
  5. Look for the blue language below the screening info and follow the instructions to begin fulfilling your package.
  6. Click the # of tickets you want (1 or 2) under your preferred screening.
  7. Click Add to Cart.
  8. Navigate to the various films you want to reserve tickets for and keep “adding to cart.” (The CART icon on the top right will show the # of tickets in your cart.)
  9. If you wish to delete something from your cart, click the CART icon and make edits there.
  10. When you are finished adding tickets to your cart, you MUST CLICK THE CART ICON AND CHECK OUT in order to finish the process. You will then receive a confirmation email from Elevent.
    Note: if you wish to check out in the middle of the process, you can do so, and then always repeat the steps above to finish your fulfillment. When you begin fulfilling, it will let you know how many tickets you have remaining.

Keep in mind that with the First Dibs package, you are able to reserve the following tickets, with a maximum of 2 tickets per film:

  1. 8 tickets to General Film screenings
  2. 4 tickets to Spotlight screenings
  3. 2 tickets to either Closing Night screening (October 11 or 13)

When you are fulfilling your tickets, keep track of which films fall into the categories above.
Your tickets will not be “purchased” until you click CART and check out.