‘JURASSIC PARK’: HamptonsFilm Drive-In

Join us on Monday, July 20, at the HamptonsFilm Drive-In at the Hayground School! Check out the Rules of the Road in our Drive-In FAQ.

Retrospective Mondays: JURASSIC PARK

Monday, July 20
Sunset | HamptonsFilm Drive-In at Hayground School

Directed by Steven Spielberg
(1993, PG-13, USA, 127 minutes, English)

“A thrill ride worthy of a real-life amusement park.” — Daily Telegraph

Almost 20 years after he made us afraid of the water with a mechanical shark in JAWS, Steven Spielberg utilized new computer generated imagery to show us what it would be like to live among dinosaurs. In short, it’d be as scary as being in the water with a great white.

Recently selected by the National Film Registry for its cultural, historical and aesthetic significance, the film spawned four commercially successful sequels and a fifth is on the way. Come see it on the big screen, and be sure to stay in your car, as you never know what will be roaming the grounds outside.

Starring Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, B.D. Wong and Samuel L. Jackson.

Check out the Rules of the Road in our Drive-In FAQ.

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