Family Films for Movie Lovers of All Ages

HIFF is proud to present short and feature films for the whole family to enjoy. Here are a few films to inspire movie lovers of all ages and create a new generation of cinephiles.


Sunday, Oct 11, 11:00am, East Hampton Library
Monday, Oct 12, 11:30am, Regal East Hampton UA


(Image: Sanjay’s Super Team)

Come along and meet these goofy characters who really need to get up and do something! A team of young synchronized swimmers, a sofa-bound dog, a girl who wants to rescue her fish sticks—they all have something to teach us.  This short film program includes 7 animated and live action shorts to excite, enchant and delight.  Be the first to experience the latest from Disney’s Pixar and shorts by fantastic film-makers from around the world.


Saturday, Oct 10, 1:00pm, Regal East Hampton Cinema UA
Monday, Oct 12, 2:30pm, Regal East Hampton Cinema UA


In an alternate reality, where scientific innovation has stalled and electricity has yet to be invented, April (voiced by Academy Award® winner Marion Cotillard) is a young scientist trying to find her parents. Accompanied by her talking cat Darwin and new friend Julius, April bravely embarks on a journey to discover the truth. From the producers of PERSEPOLIS and renowned graphic novelist Jacques Tardi, APRIL AND THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD is a riveting adventure through a dystopian society where government agents and a master conspiracy stand in the way of human progress.


Friday, Oct 9, 6pm, East Hampton Library
Sunday, Oct 11, 12:45pm, Regal East Hampton Cinema UA


HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO is a story of the universal human need to grow, connect and belong. A first kiss, a first dance. These are the rites of passage of American youth that hold the promise of magic, romance and initiation into adulthood. For kids from all walks of life, these first steps toward intimacy are at once exciting and terrifying. For some teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum, the transition can be nothing less than paralyzing. Entertaining, funny and heartbreaking, HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO challenges us to question and celebrate the path to human connection and to rethink the definition of normal.

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO is preceded by the short film: ALL-AMERICAN FAMILY, about the all-deaf football team at the heart of the tight-knit community in Pleasanton, California.

So bring the kiddoes and enjoy the Festival!