August 22: Sail Gardiner’s Bay

Kevin McAllister
Founder, Defend H2O

Kevin McAllister is the founder and president of Defend H2O, a Sag Harbor based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the waters on Long Island and its spectacular beaches. As a lifelong waterman in South Florida and on the East End, Kevin lives and breaths all things H2O. Ocean swimming, surfing, rowing and kayaking are his passions and his daily connection to sand and sea. Waterwarrior is his calling and why he is the East End’s most passionate and committed clean water advocate. McAllister’s professional training is deep and diverse—spanning more than three decades working in government, consultancy and in the nonprofit sectors of environmental protection.

Notable accomplishments include: spearheading sewage no-discharge zones for vessels operating in the Peconic and South Shore bays, galvanizing sewage management reforms in Suffolk County and holding governments feet to the fire on a host of environmental protection issues. Kevin is the recipient of several awards from environmental agencies for his work in coastal conservation, highlighted by the prestigious Environmental Quality Award presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. McAllister’s academic training bridges several science-based disciplines, earning undergraduate degrees in Natural Resources Conservation and Marine Biology. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Coastal Zone Management—specialized training uniquely essential in addressing the consequences of climate change on coastal sustainability.

Defend H2O is an independent, non-profit environmental advocacy organization protecting water, wetlands and beaches on the East End and across Long Island working to safeguard these resources for future generations.