Back by popular demand, we’re bringing back select merchandise items from past festivals. Get yours today!

HIFF 2018 Gift Bag

15″ Wide, 10″ Deep, 10.75″ High. Weight: 730g


Out East 2018 Gift Bag 650

Special edition 25th Anniversary
Book. Features special
moments from the past
25 years, a foreword from
Alec Baldwin, and remembrances
from Alan Alda, Ed Harris,
Edward Norton, Isabella
Rossellini and Christie Brinkley.


Book Standing 2
Signed Book

Special edition 25th Anniversary
Book (see above). Signed by key Festival players,
including Alec Baldwin, Anne Chaisson, David Nugent,
Stuart Match Suna, Toni Ross, Linda Biscardi
Fuller, Jeff Sharp, Beatrice Alda & Jennifer Brooke.


HIFF25 Book signatures

Official Hamptons International Film Festival Posters

A limited number of official HIFF posters (featuring art work from local Hamptons artists) are available from each year in our 26-year history! Browse all the posters here, and then choose your year(s)!

[Pictured: 2018 poster, featuring artwork by Paton Miller, “Out of Shinnecock”]


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